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Sit Down, Shut Up : Cartoon

Sit Down, Shut Up
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Sit Down, Shut Up is an American animated series created by Mitch Hurwitz based on the short-lived Australian sitcom of the same name. It is produced by Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Josh Weinstein Productions, The Hurwitz Company, The Tannenbaum Company, Granada America and Tantamount.The show will air on Fox.
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Episode 10: Helen and Sue's High School Reunion
Episode 9: Tackin
Episode 8: Mr. Hofftard Goes to Washington
Episode 7: Hurricane Willard
Episode 6: Taming of the Dude
Episode 5: High School Confidential - Math Lab
Episode 4: Back in Time
Episode 3: World's Greatest Teacher
Episode 2: Miracle's Are Real
Episode 1: Pilot
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