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Harper's Island : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Harper's Island
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Drama, Horror, Thriller
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Harper's Island is a horror thriller/mystery created by Ari Schlossberg for CBS's 2008–2009 television season. The series premiered on April 9, 2009 at 10:00 pm ET/PT. Harper's Island will have only one season with 13 episodes. One or more characters will be killed every week. All questions will be answered in the 13th episode. The first three episodes aired on Thursdays, but CBS moved the program to Saturdays during the week of April 28. The series was shot in Vancouver. The actors and actresses were not told about their deaths until the day that each script was given. The only 2 actors to know the length of their contracts were Richard Burgi and Harry Hamlin. The television show is a horror thriller/mystery, when friends and family come to Harper's Island for the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington, a serial killer murders the guests one by one, with only a few surviving.
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Episode 13: Sigh
Episode 12: Gasp
Episode 11: Splash
Episode 10: Snap
Episode 9: Seep
Episode 8: Gurgle
Episode 7: Thrack, Splack, Sizzle
Episode 6: Sploosh
Episode 5: Thwack
Episode 4: Bang
Episode 3: Ka-Blam
Episode 2: Crackle
Episode 1: Whap
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