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Mercy : Drama

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Nurse Veronica Callahan has just returned to Mercy Hospital after a tour of duty in Iraq. Though not afraid to bend the rules in order to save a life, her outspoken attitude might cause her to lose her job. While trying to get over her broken marriage to Mike, she catches the eye of the newest doctor, Dr. Chris Sands. Meanwhile, Sonia, Veronicas best friend, thinks she may have found the one; and rookie nurse Chloe learns the hard way what it means to be a nurse.
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Episode 22: That Crazy Bitch Was Right
Two boys get trapped in an abondoned building and Veronica is there to help them. Back at the hospital, Chloe tries to pressure doctors to perform a risky surgery to save his comatose boyfriend from brain death, and Sonia is in charge of a psychic patient who tells her somethings about her future. Meanwhile, Briggs tries to raise the money to pay off his debt to the mafia before it's too late, and Sands considers going back to the War with a medical relief group.
Episode 19: There Is No Superwoman
Episode 18: Of Course I'm Not
Episode 17: There is No Room For You on My Ass
Episode 16: Mercy
Episode 15: I did kill you, didn't I?
Episode 13: Can we talk about the gigantic elephant in the amb
Episode 12: Wake Up Bill
Episode 8: Add Episode Name
Episode 7: Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica
Episode 6: The Last Thing I Said Was
Episode 1: Can We Get That Drink Now?
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