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Weeds : Comedy-Crime

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When her husband, Judah dies of a sudden heart attack whilst out with his ten-year-old son, Shane. Nancy Botwin finds herself in a financial crisis, with no other option available to her she turns to Conrad Shepard and his family to sell cannabis using a fake bakery to move the goods. Aided by her wayward black-sheep brother-in-law Andy (Judah's younger brother) she struggles to keep her new means of bill-solving secret from her suspicious PTA members and nosy neighbor as well as from her children, Shane and his teenage brother Silas who are both dealing with their father's passing in their own unique ways. Coping without Judah patriarch of the family is also reflected on the Botwins, no more specially than Shane who's going through the painful process of growing up without his dad, with Andy being the reluctant rather poor substitute for father and son topics that go with growing up. While getting in trouble in school for various acts (such as spraying bullies in pink paint or setting fire to drawings) becomes a regular occurrence for him and a serious headache for his mom.
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Episode 13: All About My Mom
Nancy learns of Esteban’s fate and takes action to preserve her own. Andy makes a big change in his life. Dean, Doug and Celia find common ground. Silas helps Adelita with a disturbing medical issue.
Episode 12: Glue
Episode 11: Ducks and Tigers
Episode 10: Perro Insano
Episode 9: Suck 'n' Spit
Episode 8: A Distinctive Horn
Episode 7: Where the sidewalk ends
Episode 6: A Modest Proposal
Episode 5: Van Nuys
Episode 4: Super Lucky Happy
Episode 3: Su-Su-Sucio
Episode 2: Machetes up Top
Episode 1: Wonderful Wonderful
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