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Traveler : Action/Crime

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The series is about two graduate students, Jay Burchell (Matthew Bomerand) and Tyler Fog (Logan Marshall-Green), who on a dare from their long time friend Will Traveler skate around a museum for a prank. After they leave the museum it explodes and the FBI are called in when it appears to be terrorist related. The two friends soon become suspects and it appears that Will set them up to make it look like they did the bombing. Fog and Jay tell the FBI about Traveler but they are told that no one called Will Traveler ever existed. The boys find they have no proof as they never have a clear photo of him as he always hide his face, and he never spoke of his home life. Realising that they only way to prove their innocence is to find Traveler and find out why he's trying to frame them, so they go looking for him and soon find themselves involved in a manhunt by the FBI.
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